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  • Know your personality

    Learn about your strengths, weaknesses
    and motivational drivers in only a few minutes

    Know your personality
  • Unleash your potential

    Get customised content from our best career
    & personal development coaches to advance at your own pace.

    Unleash your potential

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Know your personality

« We can only improve on what is measured !  »
Use the same tools designed for the elite to ease your way into your career development.


Your personality traits

The Big 5

In only a few minutes, reveal your stronger personality traits through the Big 5, a personality questionnaire commonly used by recruiters worldwide to identify talents. Find out which ones amongst these 5 traits are most pronounced in you : Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Emotional Stability (Neuroticism).

Get your Big5

Your motivations

The Culture Fit

It takes only a few clicks to establish what are your main motivational drivers through our Culture Fit questionnaire, especially designed by the pros for Monkey tie. Establish through the 8 main motivation categories and the 3 values most important to you, the companies that suit you best. The essence of affinity recruitment at its core !

Find your true motivations

Unleash your potential

« Rome wasn’t built in a day. »
Take advantage of the numerous career advice and tips given by our expert coaches to advance at your own pace.

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Tailor made jobs
for you

Let our affinity matching engine do the job for you. Finding a job that is in accordance with your skills is good, yet landing the job that also fits with your personality and values is beyond doubt awesome !
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Companies that suit you most

Companies that suit you most

Did you know that 80% of departures are linked to poor manager-managee relationships? At Monkey tie, we match you with companies whose values match with yours the best and where you’ll be fulfilled!
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